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My dog Joe Joe had the cancer diagnosed

The vet gave him a week to live but he is still with us!

It is true — Joe (Int / Lux CH Gaterin Aye Aye Joe) was given one week to live if he was lucky. He has a huge tumor in his spleen and was very anemic. So I ordered my first order with  Chlorella Echlorial as a trial and within 3 days of giving this product joe was much more bright in his eyes and more willing to walk or trot. Now after some weeks he is much more alive and goes for his walk with a bounce in his step. His eyes are bright and a shine to his coat. It will not cure his cancer but it is giving him a far better quality to the end of his life how ever long that will be . But after diagnosis of one week to live from July 6 we are now on day 23 and alive!

I am also giving this to my other dog of 13 years old also has cancer .

I have also recommended to a friend of mine Nathalie whose scottie also has cancer and is at a low ebb so I hope she will try this product.


Anonymous, le 30 July 2015
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Chlorella is also good for pets!

I guess our story is somewhat different. We started using Chlorella ourselves because of the visible and medical improvement in health of our 12 year old Old English Sheepdog.

Gatsby became ill in February of 2010. To be honest, something that was no surprise to us, considering his age. He became very anaemic with persistent vomiting. After a scan we found that he had “spots” on his spleen. He had cancer. Due to his age we were advised against an operation. Our only option was to use high doses of cortisone medication.

His reaction to the cortisone was unbearable. He became very ill constantly vomiting, in terrible pain and lost most of his hair. After two weeks and against the vet’s recommendation we took him off the medication and my partner and I made the heart-breaking decision to have him euthanized. My Mother, who is a Nutritionist became involved and suggested that we put Gatsby on Chlorella as a trial. She has been using the product as a supplement for years and swears by its properties. With nothing to lose we started Gatsby on 12 tablets per day. By the end of the third week we noticed positive change. More energy, less vomiting and his gums were beginning to “pink up” a sign that the anaemia was no longer.

I was very sceptical that this was due to Chlorella, but a year on and Gatsby is alive and well! The vet confirmed that his spleen is healthy with no cancer spots. He is very active for his age. His hair is thick and full.

So now the whole family takes Chlorella including the cat and our other dog!!


Anonymous, le 30 July 2015
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