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Chlorella’s ability to treat my labial herpes!

I want to spread the word about Chlorella’s ability to treat my labial herpes!

I was suffering from labial herpes since more than 20 years and the only treatment I used was Zovirax, which was relieving me a bit from the pain, but the sore was already installed. I needed to wait at least 10 days to see it disappear. After a 3 months cure of Chlorella I felt the first positive effects. Today, I am confirming these positive results of Chlorella on my herpes.

Chlorella really benefited my health and quality of life.


Anonymous, le 30 July 2015
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Chlorella has magical virtues

To me, Chlorella has magical virtues because it cured me from an herpes problem that was polluting my life.

I would have given a fortune to find a solution to my problem! A labial herpes that handicapped my life for years… I had a sore on my inferior lip at least once a month every time I felt weak,  right at the first sun lights!

My job requires me to work with a lot of people and every time I had herpes I knew I was going to suffer from esthetic horror, pain and discomfort…

A regular intake of Chlorella cured me from a problem that could not find a medical solution… The virus is still present but weakened, my immune system is strengthened, or both at the same time, which brings the herpes symptoms to total absenteeism.

This is why Chlorella became for me the little magical alga!


Anonymous, le 30 July 2015
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Chlorella gave me back some youth and cured my herpes problem

I want to share my experience with Chlorella that I have been taking since 3 years now. I am 80 years old; I got back some physical strength that I was progressively losing since several years. I have to say that I started to feel the positive effects of my chlorella’s consumption since the first summer I started taking it – I could hike and walk for a long time in the mountains I love. I had to stop hiking for a while because my hip made me suffer. I only take Chlorella and this is most likely why arthritis stopped keeping me from hiking.

My intestinal transit is much better and regular. I also noticed that my herpes which used to show up once or twice a month became only a bad memory – which is very much appreciated.

I am so happy and satisfied I discovered Chlorella that I recommend it to all my friends!


Anonymous, le 30 July 2015
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