Overall health boost

I’ve been using Chlorella for approximately one year now and it’s been great. I have noticed a difference; my digestive track is better regulated, my immune system and overall health are noticeably up. I do plan to continue using this and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that’s looking for an overall health boost!


Chlorella seemed too “Miraculous”

Chlorella seemed too “Miraculous”; I did not believe its virtues at first…

We are respectively 54 and 60 years old and recently started taking Chlorella (10 pills/day)

We felt incredible after 10 days! We were more physically able, less tired, and felt a better and more regular intestinal activity. Chlorella immediately had a relaxing effect on us (This is what surprised us the most).

We felt more relaxed and had a clearer mind. It’s like we ate serotonin pills since we were so happy and connected. We heard about Chlorella around us but nobody could convince us – the alga seemed “too” good to be true, so we were suspicious. Now we understand why!

It is not an easy task to point out all the benefits of this alga without raising doubts. On the other hand, we had a little bit of trouble getting to sleep since we were less tired, but not even tired when waking up! We hope that this sleeping issue is temporary since we like to sleep…

We never took complimentary nutrients in the past and thought that our body could just naturally create some. We really saw the difference before and after, despite the fact that we are both in very good shapes!

Now we are so convinced that we even gave some to our children (20 & 28). So don’t hesitate and do not wait to reach our ages to feel the positive effects of this great alga!

Fabienne & Christian