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The 7 Lies about Chlorella : dangers, organic, properties…

The seven lies and dangers to know absolutely about chlorella! Properties, hazards, production methods, benefits, etc.

Lie #1 : Chlorella’s cell wall must be “broken” to be digested, otherwise it is ineffective

This is undoubtedly the most widespread lie about chlorella. It is mainly found on US sites (with the term “broken cell wall”). Selling the properties of chlorella, these sites explain that chlorella’s cells must be pulverized in order to be properly digested!

This is absolutely false, this flaw has been turned into a selling argument by the vast majority of chlorella producers using open ponds, which are completely unprotected productions from the external environment. These producers must imperatively lower the bacterial level of the culture, which can be dangerous for health and especially for the liver if chlorella is mixed with toxins. Unable to use the heat that would remove fragile and valuable nutrients, they use mechanical high-pressure cleaning techniques. This process is very effective in reducing the level of microorganisms, but it undoubtedly mistreats chlorella cells. The content of the chlorella in open cells is then exposed to air and loses quality. The claims of these sites are not based on any scientific value or study.

There is only one study on this subject. It shows that the digestibility rate of chlorella is similar for “broken” cells and whole cells (about 80%). It is important to choose chlorella with intact cells capable of preserving the integrity of their precious contents.

Lie #2 : Do the “Organic Chlorella” “AB”, “Ecocert”… certifications issued by European organisations guarantee a European production?

The answer is No! the organic label or a European certification issued by a European body, such as AB, Ecocert… can be obtained even if the production is located outside Europe!

Organic chlorella, in the sense of the “organic” label regulated by European regulations, only exists since 2017.

Microalgae (chlorella, spirulina…) have recently been concerned by the definition of organic production rules defined to take into account their specificities. A specification for organic microalgae in Europe has just come into force (2017). Organic microalgae in accordance with European regulations are very new on the market. However, their production is more expensive because it requires the reprocessing of organic fertilizers before use.

For some years now, we have been able to see so-called “Organic” chlorella or spirulina on the market because of the commercial interest generated by this appellation. They come from China, the United States or more recently Germany. They claim different certifications that are not related to each other or to European regulations. Most often this is an abuse of the European organic label.

Why is the “Organic” term is such a sensitive subject for micro-algae?

For reasons intrinsic to aquatic culture. Indeed, the “Organic” certification requires the use of inputs of organic origin, thus involving the use of organic fertilizers. However, in an aqueous micro-medium very favorable to the development of microorganisms, those introduced with organic fertilizers will proliferate. This bacterial abundance makes the control of the microalgae culture medium very delicate. The organic fertilizer will feed the environment but it may also pollute it. There is a solution that consists in treating the organic fertilizer before its introduction into the environment. This additional operation is costly and remains delicate.

This is why the European “Organic” certification for microalgae has been specially defined in a specific specification for this type of crop and has been slow to be implemented.

Organic culture is a great approach, but it must not be done at the expense of product quality and even less in a purely commercial logic. eChlorial has always chosen to focus on product quality!

Since 2019 eChlorial has been offering organic chlorella and organic spirulina grown and packaged in Europe!

Lie #3 : Chlorella represents a danger during pregnancy

Like all products that can be consumed by pregnant women, we must be extremely careful when it comes to quality and origin. Chlorella can be very beneficial to pregnant women as long as it is of impeccable quality, like all the other products they consume on a daily basis. A study showed that a consumption of 6 grams of Chlorella per day during pregnancy reduced the concentration of dioxins in breast milk by about 30%.

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Lie #4 : Chlorella is full of heavy metals

Is chlorella a heavy metal magnet (mercury, lead, cadmium…)? Yes, and that is one of the main reasons why it is famous! However, there is no reason why it should be saturated with heavy metals if its culture medium is strictly controlled, such as glass tube culture. Heavy metals are natural elements found all over our planet, in the water we drink and the food we eat. They are difficult to eliminate, so they accumulate over time. Their presence can be a problem when their quantity becomes too important. This is why it is beneficial to detoxify regularly and preferably with natural products.

Lie #5 : All chlorella are naturally rich in vitamin B12

Chlorella cultivated in fermenters are cultivated in an almost-sterile environment that does not allow the production of vitamin B12. Since 2014, chlorella grown in fermentors has been available on the market. Synthetic vitamin B12 can be added to the final product, the chlorella sold will be “rich in B12” but not “naturally rich in B12”.

Chlorella eChlorial, grown in glass tubes using natural sunlight, is naturally rich in vitamin B12!

Lie #6 : Chlorella cures everything: cancer, liver, detox…

Chlorella has many benefits! It is considered a food whose micronutrients composition is such that the health authorities have accepted that it is marketed as a food supplement. Chlorella has many health benefits : it cleanses the body and enriches it with valuable essential nutrients, and we all know that a clean and well oiled and well fed engine works well and for a longer time.

It will be able to solve problems if they are related to heavy metal poisoning or physiological weakness or deficiency. It can also reduce pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, but it will not cure the problem that causes it. Thus the reduction in the pain of osteoarthritis is significant but stopping the consumption of chlorella will not maintain its effects.

Lie #7 : The country of origin of chlorella

The origin or the “lie by omission”! 99% of the chlorella available online, organic stores and pharmacies come from Asia. Most of these brands are careful not to disclose the origin of their chlorella, which is bought at a very low price and grown under conditions that are difficult to verify. Only a few brands have the transparency to share the origin of their product, most do not mention any origin. Beware of the words “Made in …” which simply means that the product has been packaged on the territory, but not necessarily grown in your country.

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