• Premium Micro algae Grown in Europe
    Premium Organic Micro Algae

    Premium Organic Chlorella, Organic Spirulina, Natural Astaxanthin...

  • Premium Micro Algae Grown in Europe
    Chlorella, Spirulina, Astaxanthin...

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  • Chlorella absorbs heavy metals and boost our immune system
    Chlorella: detoxifying and energizing

    chelates heavy metals and boost our immune system

Our story

We have been distributing our ultra pure Chlorella Echlorial for more than 12 years! The adventure started years ago when Doctor Muriel Cathaud met and became friend with Professor Karl Steingberg, Director of a chemistry lab at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Mr. Steinberg developed a unique cultivation process within glass tubes to produce a micro alga (Chlorella) of the highest quality. Convinced by the health benefits of Chlorella, we started distributing and promoting the precious healthy product.
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Benefits of Chlorella : true gift from nature

Natural detoxifier
Natural detoxifier
Chlorella removes heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs from your body and increases intestinal activity to minimize constipation
Chlorella stimulates our antibodies
Chlorella stimulates our antibodies
It has proven to be effective in fighting infections and tumorsRead more

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Pure Chlorella
Chlorella and Spirulina Echlorial are Premium micro algae cultivated within glass tubes in Europe under 100% natural daylight, a unique patented process. Echlorial products are fully protected from outside pollutants and toxics such as dust, acid rains, insects, birds, etc. As Chlorella possess a hyper affinity with heavy metals it is of paramount importance to preserve the full detox and cleansing potential before its consumption.