Omega 3 Vegan 250mg DHA + EPA | 2 Months

Consumption for 2 months: 60 capsules Omega 3 Vegan 250 DHA + EPA

Oméga 3 Végan | 250 DHA + EPA | 2 Mois

• Premium Omega 3 Vegan extracted without solvents from micro algae grown in Europe
• Concentration 250mg DHA + EPA
• Omega 3 contributes to the preservation of brain, heart and eye functions
• The beneficial effect is obtained for a daily consumption of 250 mg of EPA and DHA
• Could improve certain cognitive functions such as attention, brain speed, etc.
• Helps to combat temporary depressed moods
• Improves skin quality
• 1 capsule per day


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Recommendations and composition


•  1 tablet per day with a meal.
•  The daily consumption of EPA + DHA should not exceed 5 g (20 capsules).


Premium Omega 3 Vegan extracted from micro-algae grown in Europe.

Oil extracted from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp., Sunflower oil rich in oleic acid, Modified starch (E1440/SIN440), Glycerol (E422/SIN422), Carrageenan (E407/SIN407), Disodium phosphate (E339/SIN339), Mix of natural tocopherols (E306/SIN306).

Proteins: 2.9 mg, Fat: 454 mg
Carbohydrates: 81 mg, Salt: 0.9 mg

★★★★★ Testimonials

  • Overall health boost

    I've been using Chlorella for approximately one year now and it's been great. I have noticed a difference; my digestive track is better regulated, my immune system and overall health are noticeably up. I do plan to continue using this and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that's looking for an overall health boost!Taahir
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  • Clear improvement of my health after taking Chlorella

    I tried Chlorella for the first time 3 months ago as I was looking for a solution to stop my endless painful symptoms due to fibromyalgia. After one month of treatment only I noticed a clear improvement. My sufferings were almost imperceptible and it did not take me half an hour to get out of my bed every morning anymore!Another noticeable...
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  • I can do my groceries again!

    I can do my groceries again!After a 3 months cure of Chlorella at very high doses (10 pills, three times a day), I finally can go back to the market and do my grocery shopping! I lost my strength year after year since I suffer from fibromyalgia.I am 74 years old and Chlorella gave me back the feeling that this was not the end. I am not...
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