1Kg Family box - Organic Spirulina

10-month treatment with Organic Spirulina eChlorial tablets

1Kg Family box - Organic Spirulina

• Ultra pure Organic Spirulina cultivated in ★ Europe ★ in a fully protected environment
• Dried artisanally at low temperature
• Naturally rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins
• Excellent dietary supplement for athletic people
• Stimulates our immune system
• Helps with recovery
• Naturally detoxifies your body from pollutants


Recommendations and composition


* Duration of treatment is based on a prevention diet of 3g per day.

1000g box of organic spirulina tablets, enough for 10 months of preventive treatment with 7 - 8 tablets per day.


100% pure Spirulina in 400mg tablets

Average composition :

• 60% proteins : High concentration of proteins, very appreciated by active people exercising regularly. All amino-acids are present. They ensure the cellular's metabolism work well.;
• 15% vitamins and anti-oxydants : Contains a unique blue pigment : phycocyanin (hemoglobin's precursor), carotenoids (β caroten, Lutein ..) as well as vitamins : E, B1, B2, B3 … B9 (folic acid)… (does not contain vitamin C and its vitamin B12 is mostly non-bioavailable).
• 5% lipids : Half of them are polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Linoleic acid, Palmitic, γ-Linolénique (GLA of Ω 6), Oleic…
• 2% fibers : Easily digested and quickly acts as a boosting agent.
• 10% minerals : Mineralizing agent ! Presence of Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc …

★★★★★ Testimonials

  • Overall health boost

    I've been using Chlorella for approximately one year now and it's been great. I have noticed a difference; my digestive track is better regulated, my immune system and overall health are noticeably up. I do plan to continue using this and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that's looking for an overall health boost!Taahir
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  • Clear improvement of my health after taking Chlorella

    I tried Chlorella for the first time 3 months ago as I was looking for a solution to stop my endless painful symptoms due to fibromyalgia. After one month of treatment only I noticed a clear improvement. My sufferings were almost imperceptible and it did not take me half an hour to get out of my bed every morning anymore!Another noticeable...
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  • I can do my groceries again!

    I can do my groceries again!After a 3 months cure of Chlorella at very high doses (10 pills, three times a day), I finally can go back to the market and do my grocery shopping! I lost my strength year after year since I suffer from fibromyalgia.I am 74 years old and Chlorella gave me back the feeling that this was not the end. I am not...
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Natural detoxifier :
Spirlulina is a natural detoxifier
Spirulina stimulates our antibodies :
It has proven to be effective in fighting infections and tumors
Ultra pure :
Our Spirulina is cultivated in Europe in a perfectly controlled environment