Quality certifications of Chlorella and Spirulina eChlorial

Chlorella Echlorial is a very pure chlorella thanks to its unique production method under glass tubes by our carefully selected suppliers in Europe. The cultivation of Chlorella Echlorial is constantly monitored and certified.

It is cultivated away from any external pollution (dust, gas, fumes brought by the winds..., waste and residues brought by birds, insects..., environmental pollutants...).

Certifications in terms of production quality

Qualification of the production and processing of microalgae cultures

- ISO 22000:2005

- ISO 9001:2008

Complete microalgae production process including cultivation, tablet production, packaging, logistics...

- HACCP-Codex Certification: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System and guidelines for its application, Rev. 4 (2003)

- GMP certification: Good Manufacturing Practice

Microbiological controls of the Chlorella and Spirulina Echlorial batches are available at the request of our consumers.