Chlorella : controlled cultivation in glass tubes

Chlorella Echlorial Culture sous tube de verreOur Chlorella is cultivated in Europe in a perfectly controlled environment (glass tubes) and under 100% natural light !

Chlorella ECHLORIAL® is a freshwater microalgae cultivated in an environment that is completely controlled.

Only a closed process, one that exerts total control over every aspect of the environment, can guarantee extreme purity in the production of microalgae.

Our patented process of cultivating Chlorella is unique in its absolute control of the environment. Chlorella ECHLORIAL® is grown in glass tubes that are protected from all possible pollutants and outside threats, such as dust particles, harmful chemicals, pollutants in rain water, and contaminants carried by insects and birds.

By providing a stress-free environment, this production process enables the algae to maintain its cell structure. The intact cells preserve the algae’s nutritional components in the cell membrane, which conserves its full nutritional potential. Additionally, Chlorella ECHLORIAL® is easily absorbed by the body because these cell membranes open naturally when in contact with the acidity of our stomachs.

Chlorella Echlorial cultivee sous tube de verre en AllemagneThe resulting high quality of Chlorella ECHLORIAL® meets the demands of even the most rigorous dietary requirements.

This production process is innovative and scientifically developed. The originality of this process is in the use of glass tubes as containers for the controlled algae environment. Researchers have developed these environments specifically for the production of Chlorella. The Chlorella ECHLORIAL® production lines in Europe includes hundreds of kilometers of these glass tubes, each filled with nutrients of superior quality and situated in greenhouses under natural light.

Photosynthesis is optimized in the controlled environments.

The algae is cultivated in purified water whose carbon dioxide levels are monitored and optimized. Mineral salts add high-quality nutrients to this liquid environment, too. The environment is maintained under hydrodynamic conditions designed specifically to ensure ideal light exposure to the entirety of the plant. Natural sunlight is the only light source used.

Chlorella ECHLORIAL® grows through cell division in this controlled environment of ideal composition and purity.

Chlorella Echlorial cultive en tube de verre

After cultivation, the algae is extracted from the glass tubes and carefully dried.

When the concentration of the algae has reached its ideal level, centrifugation is used to extract biomass from the liquid environment. The biomass is then dried with care in a dehydrator that preserves the structural integrity and all the nutritional components of the algae. Once dried, it is turned into power and encased in tablets. This entire process is automated.

There are several other ways to cultivate Chlorella, but most of them emphasize quantity over quality. Our controlled cultivation process maximizes the quality and purity of Chlorella ECHLORIAL® without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. We match the prices of other Chlorella suppliers and provide a product of superior quality, too, thanks to this patented process.

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